Salmon Fishing

Pacific King Salmon and Coho Salmon Fishing on Washington’s
Olympic Peninsula, Columbia River and tributaries

Kings on the Columbia river!

Kings on the Columbia river!

As spring rounds the corner, and the leaves on the trees start showing, so do the Salmon. April is a great time of year, with Steelhead in abundant numbers, and Kings starting their migration up river, there are lots of fish to catch.

Springers, as they are nicknamed, are undoubtedly the most explosive fish to encounter in the Northwest rivers. With their uncanny ways of twisting and spinning around like a top, they will challenge the skills of any experienced angler. We fish light tackle, using only the best gear available. Our terminal tackle is: 8.5 -10.5 ft. Loomis rods, Shimano and Ambassedeur high speed reels. This fish of a lifetime can peel off fifty to eighty yards of line in seconds. It pays to have the right equipment.

In my 37 years of guiding the Olympic Peninsula and Southwest rivers, these Kings are a very prestigious fish to encounter. Not only their tremendous will to fight to the bitter end, but, the table fare of these hi-brood hatchery raised fish, are unarguably the finest tasting King in the Northwest. There is plenty of fish to eat for the whole family, when you land one of these chrome bright Springers. Their weight varies between 10-40 lbs. We fish on the pristine waters of the Sol Duc and Hoh rivers on the Olympic Peninsula, Cowlitz and the Columbia river. Some of the most beautiful watersheds in the country. The boat we use is a 17′ drift boat, heated on those cool mornings for a more comfortable trip down stream. On the Columbia or Cowlitz rivers, we use a late model 2007 Alumaweld  23′ jet sled to find the action in the Spring and Summer months starting mid April for the Springers (Kings) running through June. We can host up to six people per boat. Heated on the cool morning to keep those hands warm. All bait and tackle are included. Don’t miss out on another HUGE run of Salmon!!!

Forks - Fall Chinook

Forks – Fall Chinook


Also the Olympic Peninsula has another run of Kings starting up river. Fishing for these monsters starts in June and lasts through August. Fishing is performed mainly on the glacial waters of the Hoh river. This is another beautiful river valley of rich mountains and feeder creeks for these Salmon to spawn in. This strain of King Salmon is larger and can tip the scales between 15-55 lbs.

Fall Chinook

Fall Chinook

Summer Salmon enter the Hoh river bright as silver dollars, with an unbelievable amount of power. They are waiting for any anglers offer. The weather in this rain forest valley is generally very tolerable. With temperatures between 50-80 degrees.In August, yet another run of Salmon begin their migration up our Olympic Peninsula and southwest rivers. The first rains generate thousands of Silver (Coho) and King (Chinook) Salmon.

As the season progresses into October the numbers also increase, which many are trophy class. A trophy salmon in Washington state is 50 pounds. The fall season produces quite a few of these monsters. Some will reach the 60 lb. class. Our feisty Silvers are huge! The average Silver is about 10 pounds with many in the teens and 20’s. This fish is wild. They spin, jump, and roll around like a top. A great fish to catch! In November the quest for big salmon continues thru Thanksgiving. All rods, reels, and tackle are provided or feel free to bring your own. Bookings go fast, so call or E-mail us to get those dates reserved.

Bookings require a 50% deposit when dates are confirmed. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD.   Visa and Mastercard  (A 3 percent charge is added!)
Cancellations are a 14 day minimum prior to booked date. 13 days or less prior to your booked date, you will loose your deposit.

Drift fishing, float fishing, side drifting, back trolling plugs or bait, vertical fishing, and back bouncing are the most widely used and effective fishing techniques. I also specialize in fly fishing for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout.