A quick note of THANKS for an incredible day on the Columbia River! My picture of my 25lb King Salmon (it’s rumored to have been 35lbs by “someone”) has been shared to friends, family and strangers! It was a fantastic and memorable trip!
Look forward to seeing you again on the water!

Hey Larry,
Just a note to thank you for one of the best Fishing trips Chuck and I have ever been on. We had a blast, 16 hooks ups and 13 Beautiful Steelhead to the net. Wow what a day!!!. As you know I fish a lot down here  around Yakima but catching that Hen Pushing 19lbs and then the Buck that was clearly over 20lbs  is the hi-light of my 40yr. fishing experiences.
I am sure we would not have had a chance without that super Boatman ship that you always seem to know how to do.
Again Thanks for a GREAT trip and we will see you again.
Tom Stine 

Larry, Wow what a great trip!!!!!!!!!!,  just wanted to say thank you again for making our trip so great!!!  So glad we were able to hit it when we did.  Thank you so much for working so hard for us!!  I have fished in other parts of the country and there is nobody that compares to you Larry!, not even close.  Thats why we keep coming back because every time you give us a great trip. Its my favorite part of the world to come fish, and you are a big part of that.  You have great patience, great sense of humor, great boating skills, knowledge of what is working on each river with whatever conditions mother nature is giving us, knowledge of every hole in every river, you row hard for us and give us long full days.  We all want you to know that we appreciate all these things.  Truly you are one of the best fishing guides in the good ol USA.  Youre a great guide, but more important youve become a good friend, not sure what I (we) are going to do when you finally retire from this fishing thing.  Got about 8 new recruits who want to come on the next trip I plan after seeing all these great pictures.  Working on getting the group(s) for some fall fishing on the cowlitz.  Not sure when is best, we are thinking early sept?  I think we came in mid sept last time. What ever you think on that.  Anyway, love the pics youve posted on your facebook!!  Keep on getting em Larry, take care of that body of yours.  Have fun on your trip to Park City, I will send you some info on the area there, and if we are down that way we will try to swing by and say hi,.
Thanks again Larry, talk soon.

Larry is a great guide. I’ve been out with more than 30 guides and I like him the best. Cool guy!

Hey Larry, Thanks again for a terrific float, beautiful fish and a lot of guidance and information. People I have talked to say nobody catches 6 steelhead in one day, but we did! I can’t wait to show them the pictures.
Robert Averson

Larry, You are the best! No Doubt! Wally and I had a great time fishing with you and hope to do it again soon!
Steve Alboucq

Larry: You have chosen a great group of guides! John Blum and I fished with one of your guides (Matt) on the Bogy. I’d fish with this guy anytime! Thanks for the great memories! Two fish on, in the same pool, at the same time…a good guide and coach!
Happy New Year
Pat Buckley

Larry, I haven’t taken the time to thank you for your honesty when you couldn’t take us fishing. Hooking up with Dave was great and he got us onto a boat load, literally of fish. It says a lot that you didn’t leave us hanging and ensured that we would get in with a great guide. I’ll look you up the next time we are trying to get over to the O.P.
Thanks, Adam Nielson

Thanks for the trip! My family loved it. You made Kasania’s day by helping her land that big fish! She has not stopped talking about it. You are a great guide-both in terms of fishing but also just a good guys to spend the day with.
Gilbert Khachadourian

Just a short note to thank you once again, for one of the best fishing adventures of my life. Shawn and I had a great time, and you made the day near perfect!
Wishing you continued successes, and God Bless,
John McGinn

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the trip last Saturday. We both really enjoyed ourselves, and the first Springer fillet is on the grill as I am writing this. I have already cleared a fall trip with my wife for this October. I look forward to fishing with you again soon.
Warmest Regards,
Micah Hanley

Thanks for a great float. We had a super good time and look forward to coming back in late March
Richard Haines